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Wor vs lei dream11 || wor vs lei playing 11

wor vs lei Playing11 for Royal London One-day Cup Match Preview. wor vs lei Dream11 Match Predictions. Match of North Group.

Lets move forward to Performance of teams for wor vs lei

Venue for wor vs lei-

  1. New Road , Worcester.
  2. Home ground of Wor.

New Players —

  1. T Head of Wor has left england for National Duty.
  2. L Ferguson has been added to the squad of wor.
  3. R Jones has left the squad of Lei.
  4. A Javid has been added to the squad.

Wor performance For Wor vs lei —

  1. Wor played 4 matches won 2 games.
  2. won last game from lan By 3 Wickets.
  3. Captain Leach has 5 wicket .
  4. M Ali is going to open along With J Clarke.
  5. B Cox Has 250 + Scores.
  6. D Mitchel hit 100 in last game..
  7. T head was Their Pillar has 100+Runs along with 2 wickets has left the team.
  8. Ed Barnard Has 8 wickets.
  9. M Ali has played last game and played good.

11 of Wor

D Mitchell , Joe Clarke,T Fell , D’Oliveira, B Cox, R Whitley ,E Barnard , Charlie Morris, M Ali, J Toungh,  Ferguson

LEI Performance for wor vs Lei–

  1. Lei Played 4 and lost 3 of them.
  2. Captain Carbery Has dropped from Playing 11.
  3. P Horton is their new captain and also highest scorer.
  4. He has 170+ scores till now.
  5. Varun Took 6 in last game.
  6. Ben raine Hit 70 runs along with 4 wickets till now.
  7. G Griffths took 8 wickets till now.

11 of lei for wor vs lei–

P Horton , Ben raine, G griffiths, C Ackerman, M Cosgrove, N Eckersley, V Aaron, Tom Wells N Dexter, C Parkinson, Delport

Team Blueprint for wor vs lei-


  1. N. Eckersley
  2. B Cox

Eckersley is my choice as he can open the ininngs.


  1. R whitley (C Choice)
  2. P horton (good form)
  3. T Wells ( c in gl)
  4. Cosgrove (50 in last game)
  5. C Farguson (can play today)

AR section–

  1. M Ali (can open bat)
  2. N Dexter (C choice)
  3. D Mitchel (upper order + Bowl)
  4. B Oliver (wicket taker)


  1. Ed barnard (Wickey taker)
  2. V Aroan (6 till now)
  3. Ben Raine
  4. G Griffiths ( wicket taker)

My teams For wor vs lei-

Change c vc according to your game plan for wor vs lei.

Please play safe as wor vs Lei is domestic match and They can change player