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Gla vs Ham dream11 royal London Gal vs ham playing 11

Gla vs ham Dream11 Team News and gal vs ham Dream11 team

Gla vs Ham Dream11 Match Predictions. Match Royal London one day domestic. Gla vs Ham is the match of South Group.

Ham is at First Position with 9 points in 6 games. and Gla is At last position.

Lets move forward to Performance of teams for Gla vs Ham.

Venue for Gla vs Ham —

Saint Helem, Swansea.

Home ground for Gla.

Thing to know about —

Ham have won the last four away List A matches against Glamorgan.

Performance review of Gla for match –

  1. Team had player 6 matches till now and want only one of them.
  2. Team had lost 5 matches till now and last by 6 wickets to SuS.
  3. Team also at last position in points table of north group.
  4. Captain Colin Ingram is there highest scorer with 281 scores.
  5. Wagg had shown some good hands in both bowling batting with 140 runs and 7 wickets.
  6. Team is performing very poorly and expected to lose this match also.

Safe Players of Gla for Gla vs Ham–

Selman, Ingram, Lloyd, Carlson, Cooke, Wagg, Salter

other players —

Donald Brown, Morgan, TVDG, Carey, Smith,

Performance review of Ham for Gla vs Ham —

  1. Team had played 6 matches till now and won 4 of them they are also table topper of south group.
  2. Team had won last match by 5 wickets from Mid.
  3. Captain James Vince as 183 runs and 1 wicket till now.
  4. Riley Russow is the highest scorer with 236 runs.
  5. In Bowling section crane is there leading Wicket taker.
  6. Taylor and Berg had Shown some good Hands in Both Bowling and Batting section.

Safe players of Ham for Gla vs Ham–

Rossow , Vince, Weatherly, Adams, Taylor, Mcmanus, Berg, Crane, Topley

Others plyers for Gla vs Ham–

Alsop, Wood, Ervine, Wheal, Edwards, Sole

Let’s move forward for team blueprint for Gla vs Ham.

Team Blueprint for Gla vs Ham.

In wk section for —

– in wicket keeping section for this match there are two options Cooke and Mcmanus.

– consider cooke for small League as his team is not playing well he will get chance to bat.

In Bat Section for–

– there are 5 good options in this batting section Rousseau Vince weatherly Lloyd and Selman.

– for small League you can pick weatherly Rousseau Lloyd and Selman.

in Ar section for  —

-Wagg and Ingram are my primary small League choice.

-Berg and Taylor will be considered in Grand league only by me.

In Bowl Section for —

– in this bowling section crane topley and Salter are my primary choice for Small league.

My teams for this match .

You can change one or two players according to your gameplan along with Captain and vice captain ChOices

Play safe in this gla vs ham dream11 match. We are not responsible for any loss. Thses teams are used by myself.